Rose quartz pendant

35 €
Handmade in Brazil 
24K gold plated (nickel and heavy metals free) 

Rose Quartz is known as The Heart Stone or The Stone of Unconditional Love. Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra, and this crystal is often used in helping the heart heal from the pain left from emotional wounds and balance emotional health. This love-filled gem has a calming energy that releases stress and anxiety, and cleanses the aura while shielding the heart to heal and protect.

Coined as the “Heart Stone,'' is the perfect stone for anyone who is looking to attract more love into their life, keeps family ties together and nurtures friendship. The presence of rose quartz in your home brings emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 

Rose quartz promotes Self-Love. Rose Quartz follows the path of love and compassion, it brings light and harmony. It carries a deep feminine energy that will provide you with comfort and support. It is a great self care healer and will help dissolve emotional wounds, fears and will help assist in letting go of past negative memories .

As a necklace or pendant, rose quartz is especially powerful because it is worn close to the heart and heart chakra. This enables the heart center to open and release tension and stress.
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