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Zoom Pyrite oval necklace silver plated
Zoom Pyrite oval necklace silver plated

Pyrite oval necklace silver plated


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  • Handmade product 
  • Stone: pyrite (Brazil)
  • Base: copper alloy silver plated (nickel free) 
  • Size of the stone: 20 mm 
  • Comes together with a silver plated snake style chain

Pyrite is a symbol of wealth and luck. Due to its connection to the earth and fire element, pyrite is a great crystal to use when you week demotivated. It helps to create confidence and focus to achieve your goals and dreams.

Pyrite is often linked to the manifestation of wealth and abundance. Its reflective surface is thought to symbolize the drawing in of prosperity and success. When used with intention, Pyrite is believed to help to attract opportunities for financial growth and abundance.

IMPORTANT: Due to Pyrite’s formation, it’s natural for this mineral to have surface irregularities, like voids and holes. When pyrite is polished for use in jewelry, it can expose internal structures and surface imperfections, making voids and holes more apparent. 


We use only high quality 100% real and ethically sourced natural gemstones. Therefore, each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind and never repeats itself.

Jewelry care

Fashion jewelry

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Beaded jewelry

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Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Return policy

We have a 7-day return policy. Return shipping costs are covered by the client. Returns are processed after receiving a returning item and inspecting quality to confirm that the piece is returned in its original condition with the original packaging.

Pyrite oval necklace silver plated


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